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Parole in libertà wants to make you revalue all the tastes from the past. Today like yesterday, raw materials and care of foods must be basic staples. We take inspiration from Futurism, a bold and dynamic artistic avant-garde of the last century, born from some of the most revolutionary minds of the time. Enjoy the food with all the senses, try our dishes with your eyes first, use your hands,

taste the authenticity, get emotional and share!
“Credete proprio all’infrangibile dogma di una cucina immodificabile e imperfezionabile, chiusa in formule e ricette da applicare oggi e sempre come fecero i nostri avi?” (Filippo Tommaso Marinetti)




"Si pensa, si sogna e si agisce secondo quel che si beve e si mangia”
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, Manifesto della Cucina Futurista.

Parole in libertà is expression of passion and creativity. A philosophy based on the authenticity of the ingredients. A mix of tradition, innovation, essence and respect for territory. The resulti is a kitchen founded only on processing raw materials and on the exaltation of the flavours.

The Manifesto Culinario Futurista wanted the host to taste the food with sight, nose and touch, as well as with the taste. We invite you to do the same in our bistrot. Try our proposals with your hands or with a piece of bread, let the aromas conquer you, fall in love at first sight with the colours and the shapes of food. But above all listen, observe and share your sensations with your commensals…



“Noi canteremo il vitigno scelto, il pampino frusciante e il chicco devoto, la scienza e il lavoro levatrici divino e morali, la fatica gioiosa e cooperante, la rinascita della natura senza guerra ne odio e il volo scivolante delle astronavi nel concento cosmico. E’ dall’Italia che ispirato al manifesto di violenza travolgente e incendiaria che fondò il Futurismo lanciamo oggi questo manifesto del vino come simbolo del mondo e del futuro”

We started from one of the key points of the Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s Manifesto del Vin Futuro, that celebrates the values of agriculture, harmony between Man and environment and of wine. It is exactly what we want to point out: the Futurists considered the wine a “dynamic beverage”, the so-called “Fuel-man”.
We enjoyed ourselves matching exceptional Italian wines such as Nebbiolo, Lambrusco, Friulano and Vernaccia with our dishes:

Lambrusco with Pizzicagnolo
Nebbiolo with Farapennuta
Friulano with Baccapatate


COCKTAIL: THE BLENDING OUR “POLIBIBITE” Against any modern neologism, during the ‘30s Futurists called “Polibibite” some kinds of original cocktails. They were made with strictly Italian products, reinterpreted in a tasty and creative way. There are a lot of recipes, retellings and blending techniques to get an excellent drink. You cannot create something unique without the right amount of passion. Through a perfect preparing process, creativity and high quality ingredients our bar tender Francesco constantly experiments new flavours in order to serve a unique experience. On the basis of this concept cocktails like Ombre dei Mori, Audace, Fondatore and Antico Ferro della Strega come to life. DISCOVER OUR MENU


The best products chosen for you in order to create a harmonious, healthy and meditated kitchen.

our suppliers

The bread: The history of bread by Pane Ceccacci
The meat: Angelo Feroci Eredi Aldo Polzella
The cheeses: Cierre by Roberto Casale
The Olive Ascolane: Grandma Nina by Luciano Maravalli
The vegetables: Alfredo Caliciotti
The fish: Fiocco by Paolo Fiocco


Bread and tomato together always represented connection with the earth and tradition: modesty and excellence in one dish.
Originally Tuscan, at the beginning of ‘900 pappa al pomodoro started spreading all over Italy, right as Futurism was emerging.
(In 1912 this dish was mentioned on the famous Giornalino di Gian Burrasca owned by the Tuscan writer Vamba)

pappa al pomodoro
sferoforme di melanzane con provolone dolce


A perfect gastronomic representation of the Futuristic movement and a celebration of the technique in the service of the Man.
Soft aubergine spheres on a shiny provolone cream, tomato and plastic basil.